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Wagasana, greeting the day

 with gratefulness and curiosity!

Have you had a doga moment today?


Dog Talk LLC

New England Pet Partners, Inc.

My name is Dt.Tate McSniff

I was a Registered Therapy dog for 12 years. I made a difference by shifting energy in the room from gloomy to cheerful.

Registered Therapy Dog Journey.

Hello, I’m Journey and everything will be fine. I’m listening!

Be the change!

Enjoy the Journey!

We invite you to our Facebook Pages. Daily Doga is educationally enriching. We collaborate with Dog Talk LLC and New England Pet Partners, Inc. 501c.3.

Who trains who? Honestly, relationships between dogs and humans is circulation. We teach each other.

The Training Sanctuary with rewards - training should be enjoyable. Teaching dogs the art of choosing a high ranking life reward (toy, treat or me). Teaches sit, self-control, while learning that good things happen for a little patience.

Registered therapy Dog Quin calming students& staff stress.

Registered therapy dog Jake demonstrating how being a healthy, happy and confident dog can set the stage for calming people (Hospital).